Orlando Defenders Against Injustice and Police Terrorism

Orlando Defenders Against Injustice and Police Terrorism

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On Wednesday Morning August 21, 2019 approximately around 2:39am Ms. Sonia M. Mitchell a hardworking mother of 3 were returning home from a very melancholy day at work. All that evening Ms. Mitchell begin to prepare herself emotionally too mourn and celebrate the birthday of her deceased child.

Ms. Mitchell had made (2) stops one was to pick up some ice from 7-Eleven and the other stop was to check on her Amscot Payday Loans. According to Police Officer Merrell that is the location where he ran her plates too see if the car was stolen or suspended and that time he already identify Ms. Mitchell as a black female.  Police Officer Christopher Merrell #9053 followed, harassed, menaced, and then physically assaulted Ms. Mitchell in front of her home with several witnesses witnessing this incident.

One of the witnesses said that this was more than a routine stop because Officer Merrell had more than enough time to pull Ms. Mitchell Vehicle over for her suspended license and tags. Thank God that she turned into her home and not on a dark road somewhere.

Orlando’s Police Officer Christopher Merrell was seen in the video being very aggressive one of the witnesses “Yelled she’s a female and she has no weapons” but Officer Merrell still used aggression and excessive force by throwing Ms. Mitchell face into the dirt while hurting her wrist, back, head, legs and breast.

Several witnesses stated that the Officers put knees in her back then Hog tied Ms. Mitchell feet and hands. You could see that she was in excruciating pain the tears was rolling down her face. No woman should have to endure this type of abuse from a “Peace Officer”.

The video that is surfacing around the internet shows that Ms. Mitchell was unarmed and nonthreatening towards Officer Merrell.

He had no authority or reason to grab Ms. Mitchell and use excessive force on her.

Ms. Mitchell is still recovery from injuries she sustain due to Officer Merrell excessive force on August 21, 2019. Due to passed medical injuries Ms. Mitchell couldn’t comply to Police Office Merrell commands. Police Officer Christopher Merrell badge #9053 never read Ms. Mitchell her Miranda Rights on August 21, 2019 before and upon questioning and taking her into custody.

Ms. Mitchell was clearly exercising her Civil Rights and remaining silent until Officer Merrell grabbed her. The Community of Orlando is furious on why wasn’t their body Cameras on and why so much force?

We are sick and tired of the narrative of Police Terrorism in our Communities. We as tax paying citizens demand the protection for all our civilians and law enforcement officers.

Orlando Defenders asking the City of Orlando to help assist in the mental and psychology therapy and counseling for all the witnesses of that traumatic event. Ms. Sonia M. Mitchell is also seeking assistance for her injuries and is currently reliving that traumatic event. 

The People of Orlando are saying enough is enough we want Officer Christopher Merrell to be reprimanded for his actions and any other officer that had abuse their authority as a peace officer of the law. We are looking outside of the City for legal assistance and calling for federal investigations if we can’t resolved the police misconduct and other cases of violence in our community that is not being reported. 

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!