City of Victoria: Ban Horse Drawn Carriages

City of Victoria: Ban Horse Drawn Carriages

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City of Victoria Mayor and Council, we call on you to take action for the safety, health, and integrity of the horses used in the horse-drawn carriage industry in Victoria B.C., and for the visitors and citizens who live here.

WHEREAS past efforts to regulate the horse-drawn carriage industry have not stopped collisions in the streets or inhumane treatment of the horses used in this industry.  Currently, there is virtually no regulation or public oversight of this industry.

AND WHEREAS the BC SPCA have made recommendations to Victoria city council in 2018, to phase out and ban the horse carriages and trolleys from Victoria city streets. Included in this report was acknowledgement that the carriage companies tried to deceive the public and the authorities: “It is decidedly troubling that Victoria Carriage Tours chose to inappropriately downplay a serious incident which put the public at risk.” 

AND WHEREAS in the last 6 years, there have been numerous documented collisions, welfare incidents, and safety concerns filed with the BC SPCA and city of Victoria bylaw services involving the horse-drawn carriages.

AND WHEREAS there has been documentation of horse carriages operating in "dangerous" heat temperatures as described by Environment Canada.

AND WHEREAS there has been documentation of horse carriages operating during air quality warnings due to smoke in the air from the California wildfires. .

AND WHEREAS research indicates that the “bit” used to communicate with the horses in the Victoria horse carriage industry causes them pain and discomfort which can lead to chronic physiological and psychological health issues.

AND WHEREAS footage of trolley horses collapsing and struggling to get up after being bumped by a vehicle from behind, exemplify the lack of professionalism of the carriage operators and reinforce the inappropriateness of horses working on city streets.

THEREFORE WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, urge the City of Victoria’s Mayor and Council to act in the interests of the horses used in the horse carriage industry, as well as the interests of citizens and visitors of the City by passing a resolution for a phasing out of the horse carriage industry, leading to a ban to be effective at the end of their current lease agreement with the City or sooner. 

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Jordan Reichert

Victoria Horse Alliance

44,244 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!