Keep Ernie happy, free & loved - out of kennels.

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****** The people who found Ernie have now been given a 28 day retainer notice, this means that exactly a week after being found cowering in an emaciated condition on a road, and subject to a home check, he now officially has a home. Ernie’s Army, we salute you *****

Ernie was found cowering on the side of a road in Cardiff last week. He was dirty, his ribs were visible, he had an eye infection and he was very dejected. He was found by some lovely people, who brought him home, bathed his eye, fed him and gave him food and shelter. They’ve taken him to the vets, and he was chipped, but the details belonged to the breeder who sold him on 11 years ago. They’ve done everything possible to find the owners, going on social media, and having everyone repost his images. 

They've named him Ernie, and have paid for his vet check ups and he’s got a nice warm bed with people who are happy to look after him until the owners are found. Unfortunately, Cardiff Dogs home does not want this to happen. They are determined to take him out of the place where he is recovering and put him into kennels. He is being looked after at no cost to anyone other than the people who found him. 

However, at the moment, neither the Cardiff dog warden, nor the city dogs home will confirm that the finder has fulfilled all her legal obligations, and can keep him out of kennels in the meantime. Spaniel aid are trying to get this story out there, but Ernie now needs all the help, and the voices he can get. There are mistreated animals that desperately need the kennel they are so desperate to put Ernie into.

Please join the fight to keep Ernie where he is loved, cared for and warm. It looks like he’s suffered enough.  

Message from spaniel aid.... Afternoon folks Spaniel Aid here. We need your help. We are still having issues with the dog warden even though we believe Nicole has fulfilled all legal obligations they still want to put this dog in a cold pound kennel. Why you may ask? Well they won't tell us. If any of you have any local contacts for the press or in the council can you please contact them and spread this story far and wide. Can you email both Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan councils with complaints. I have formally complained to the Dog wardens superior right now. Her email is I do not think I have ever been so disgusted by a dog warden in my life. This has nothing to do with this dogs welfare but totally to do with saving face and we are all furious!!