TxDOT: A center lane is needed for driver safety from Holder Lane to RM 165 in Henly

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As growth pushes development westward from Austin and Dripping Springs, Highway 290 between Highway 281 and Austin has become heavily populated with subdivisions and businesses, both retail and commercial.

The section of highway between Holder Lane, west of Dripping Springs, and the Hays/Blanco county line has seen a drastic increase in volume in the past years and now has become a hazardous section of roadway for both residents and traffic passing through.

The speed limits have been set at normal highway speeds of 70 mph but much of the traffic travelling this section of highway is exceeding that speed by 5 - 10 mph or more on a regular basis.

It is difficult and hazardous to enter the highway from businesses and properties because, in addition to high traffic speeds, sight distances are often limited.

Even more dangerous is attempting to turn left at any point in this segment of road.  To do so,  the driver must be at a dead stop in the fast lane of the highway where closing speeds are 70mph or higher.  A moment of inattentiveness could, and has, spell disaster.

With the growth of industrial businesses along this section of highway, 18 wheeled trucks often are forced to stop in the fast lane for extended times until they get an opportunity to make their left turn. This presents an extreme hazard to other drivers, not only by having them encounter a huge stopped vehicle in the fast lane but also by causing them to either come to a complete stop themselves or make a possibly dangerous snap decision to change lanes to avoid the stopped vehicle.

We request that you immediately launch a traffic study of this section of road to determine the need the addition of a center lane to decrease the danger to those who must traverse this section of Highway 290 daily.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this urgent matter.

Submitted on behalf of the Dripping Springs, Dos Lagos, and Henly communities and neighboring residents and businesses.


Billy Millwee, President - Friends of Henly, Inc

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