Systematic abuse of NSW Workers Compensation Clients

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Systematic abuse of NSW Workers Compensation Clients

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My name is Mr Andy Harwood. I'm a 53 year old partial invalid barely surviving in regional NSW, Australia. 

I suffered two work related accidents while employed nearly 20 years ago and have not been able to work full-time since the second accident. I had injured the lower and upper back plus was knocked unconscious (head injury).

I worked for myself for a period part-time from 2005 and stopped due to Tonic/Clonic seizures overtaking my chronically injured body in 2013. The seizures took over my life slowly since the second accident (head injury) in 2000.

I am one of thousands of NSW injured workers (over 7,000 in all) that where reviewed during 2017 for disabilities due to NSW workers compensation legislation changes in 2012 (section 39) by the State Liberal's.

The managing insurance company for NSW Workcover had me re-assesed by their so called independent doctors on a short one -of-visit, these so called independent insurance doctors wrote reports putting me under the 21% threshold mark. (Previously was 36%) They also wouldn't accept my specialist doctors views and reports that have been treating me since 1999. My specialist doctors are amongst the best in the world (leaders in their fields).

My living on prescriptions and suffering chronic pain also led to depression which nearly destroyed my life on a number of occasions.

Now I have been cut off from the support payments that where awarded in a NSW District Courthouse in 2004 to me. NSW Government Christmas present. I also have lost since 2011: No more house (mortgage), no marriage (wife deserted me), no business (part-time work), no more drivers license due to seizures, no child visits (my daughter's), I'm living isolated in regional NSW over 200km from my nearest family because I cannot afford to live in Sydney due to the high prices of rent. 

Centrelink still have not got their act together after my applications went in advance. I'll be thrown out of the small rental house shortly as I'm now behind in rent. 

No food left that is nourishing, been living on mainly 2 minute noodles for months now.

Every time I ask for assistance from a government department I get shoved around, put on hold and eventually told, "It's not within my power to help you sir!" Or "It's a legislative problem."

I am sorry for the poor people who still have family and are in this carousel that the NSW Liberal State Government and their supporters have made. 

Treat me as a citizen of Australia with respect and not scum. I worked hard for our nation 20 years paying taxes.

I will supply to anyone who asks a copy of the response I received 10 weeks after asking my local state politician to get involved in this hopeless, soul destroying matter. Shows the run around, buck passing and don't care attitude from government.

Not to mention the insurance company is so happy with my case management.The whole system stinks and needs to be reviewed. 

Barely surviving ;(





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This petition had 345 supporters