Make Blue Panorama Airlines refund victims of its "middle-name scam"

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This petition is for the thousands of victims of Blue Panorama Airline's "middle-name scam" to demand the airline refund all of us the €50 - €80 per ticket they stole.  Furthermore, we are asking them to remove the middle-name requirement from their terms and conditions, which most other airlines do not require. An apology for their unethical treatment of their customers would also be appreciated. 

If you are not familiar with this scam, for months they have been charging every passenger a €50 - €80 per ticket name-change fee just to add their middle name to the ticket, even though the airline's online form did not have any place to enter a middle name, there was only a field for "first name" and "last name."  In a clear admission of their "mistake," they have recently changed their form to ask for "all given names" to match your identification exactly.  Unfortunately, that improvement only helps people who book through the airline's own website.  Most people book through other online travel sites and many of them don't have a field for "middle name" (because most airlines don't require it anyway), so all of these passengers continue to be forced to pay the name-change fees.  To quote one victim's complaint on TripAdvisor "This happened to about half of the passengers on the same flight. The ones who didn't pay didn't have middle names."

Were you a victim of this scam like me?  Please sign the petition and spread the word.  Perhaps they will finally do the right thing and we will all get our money back.  At a minimum, it will help warn others to avoid them and apply pressure to force them to change their ways.  As the number of victims who have signed this petition grows, it will also help convince an Italian law firm to file a class action lawsuit on our behalf if necessary. 

After signing the petition, please scroll down on the page and add your "reason for signing" and include the total amount they charged you and any other comments or details about your experience.