Support the development of a safe place for pedestrian's to cross on Forest Rd, The Basin

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There are no safe pedestrian pathways, walkways or crossing points along the full stretch of Forest Road, from Boronia Road all the way down to Mountain Highway (a distance of 2.2 kilometres).

Pedestrian access is so limited in this area forcing residents to either dangerously cross the road, or seek alternative modes of transport, primarily cars. 

Encouraging a long-term vision for the local community and the environment means we should be encouraging the community to walk in their local area. Access to safe walkways, provides options for us and our children to walk to local preschools, primary schools, high schools, local parks and shops, and access to local walking tracks in the Dandenong Ranges. There is an existing bus service with stops on either side of Forest Rd which are also not safely accessible.

Design guidelines for pedestrian access along Link Roads such as Forest Road include connecting pedestrian networks, providing safe crossing points and improved pathways. Forest Road has no pedestrian walkway on the east side of the road (and perhaps impractical to build), forcing pedestrians to cross unsafely. 

There is an opportunity to connect pedestrian networks by providing a safe pedestrian crossing point at the Wright Street, Forest Road junction, mid-way between Boronia Road and Mountain Highway for our residents, families, young children and the elderly to access both sides of Forest Road.

We call on the local council, local government and VicRoads to support our local community and develop a safe crossing point on Forest Road, The Basin.