Paint Footscray's Napier Street Bridge With Scary Shark Teeth

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Trucks keep crashing into the Napier Street Bridge. About $2,000,000 in 'safety improvements' has failed to stop the trucks crashing again and again. They keep doing it. The local reporter has to keep writing about it.

More than 70 crashes in the last decade. It could happen today. It did happen today:

It's time to make the bridge too scary for trucks to crash into. I will paint it myself if need be.

It might not stop the trucks crashing, but it will look like the shark ate the truck and that's at least something.

Interesting facts:

Slamming a 42-tonne overheight truck into this bridge at 50km/hr: $793 fine, zero demerit points.

Painting shark teeth on this bridge without permission: up to $38,057 fine and 2 years in prison.

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