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The city officials of Sutherlin, Oregon aren't happy about the recently enacted Measure 91 which legalized the recreational use of marijuana starting July 1st of this year. They were especially unhappy when one of their longtime residents and business owners, Harry Pinsent, built a 20+ ft. sculpture of a lit joint and put it on top of his store (Magic Mushroom/Oregon Gifts) that lies directly next to the I-5 freeway off the towns main exit.

After wide media coverage of the sculpture's unveiling was broadcasted throughout Oregon, city officials decided they didn't like the idea of their town being associated with showing support to the newly passed law. So this last week the City of Sutherlin sent a letter to the gift shop saying that the sculpture (or "sign" as they see it) breaks city ordinances and needs to be removed within 30 days. 

The problem with this is that they are only targeting this one particular sculpture (or "sign") for breaking code, and not the many other signs in town that are also in violation of the city's strict signage codes.  The fact they aren't enforcing the code on other businesses, or even on the 10 ft. tall mushroom sculptures that have topped the Oregon Gifts shop for approximately 15 years, shows that this is an attack based on political views of the council members, and not the code itself. 

We are looking for the support of Sutherlin community members, as well as traveling tourists who view the Oregon Gifts store as a landmark, to sign this petition in support of keeping the sculpture up.

Even if you don't agree with the subject of the sculpture, allowing the city to apply targeted censorship at select businesses they don't politically agree with is a slippery slope. The sculpture poses no physical danger, has no text, no company branding on it, and is not incorporated into the company logo of the store, yet they still consider it a sign. In reality, they don't like that it is an artistic celebration a legal substance that they do not agree with. 

The Magic Mushroom/Oregon Gifts store has been a landmark in Sutherlin for almost 20 years.  It's owners, Harry and Linda Pinsent, have been good, taxpaying citizens who have helped bring countless tourism dollars to the city.  Since the erection of the sculpture, tourism has only increased and supplied more traffic for Sutherlin businesses. The city doesn't care about that though. They just care about Sutherlin being remembered as the place with the gift shop with the giant mushrooms and joint on the roof, and not the "City of Flags", a failed marketing attempt to attract tourists to the city. 

Let the City of Sutherlin know that focused attacks on small businesses based on political views is not okay. Please sign, share, and contact Vicki Luther (Community Development Director) of the City of Sutherlin to let her know you want them to stop targeting Magic Mushroom/Oregon Gifts.

Thank you for your support!

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