Petition to make Election Day a national holiday

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People often don’t believe their vote even matters, but this is completely false, since the candidates we vote on will make decisions that effect women’s rights, people of color, the environment, and many other important factors in our country. Another reason many do not vote is because they simply don’t have the time to, because of this, we are petitioning to make Election Day a national holiday for people to access the polls to have a say in our democracy. Many registered voters give the excuses of working or are attending school, preventing them from going out to vote. This is a bigger elaboration on the law that allows workers to take two hours off from work, while being paid to go vote, but the majority of people are not aware of it.

Your voice matters. By placing your vote on election day, you are participating in your community and letting your voice be heard. With Election Day as a national holiday people will have a free day to place their vote worry free.
In the past, many people were robbed of their right to vote through unjust laws like the polltax, today there should not be any limitations on voting rights of the people.