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Ask Greece and the island of Mykonos to enforce their existing animal rights laws!

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My husband and I visited Greece on our honeymoon with great excitement and expectations for what we'd find at our destination - a well-respected and historically-significant 1st-world country. Unfortunately, what we found when arriving to the island of Mykonos was anything but. This is a beautiful island, but it hides a dark side, and that is one of willful mistreatment, neglect, and abuse of the innocent household animals that call the island home. Anyone who has visited Greece will know that most inhabited areas, whether on the islands, in the cities, or on the mainland, struggle with an overpopulation of wild, or homeless dogs and cats. While this is sad, it's something that the Greek government is actively addressing, and is not the purpose of this petition. The point of this petition is to bring to light the horrid living conditions of the unfortunate animals that are "claimed" by owners, but who are left to suffer the elements without shelter or sufficient food and water. 

During our visit, we unfortunately came across many homes where dogs were tied to posts, boulders, trees, or even broken down cars. It was clear that they were severely underfed and lacked sufficient water and shelter from the blazing sun. It was one yard in particular, where we saw two dogs tied in separate parts of the yard where they could not see each other, but could certainly hear the whimpers and moans of pain coming from one another. My husband and I took the initiative to bring these poor animals food and water, and found that not only were they malnourished, but they were so desperate for affection, attention and touch, that they grabbed us with their arms and paws and wouldn't let us go. The poor pup in this photo was chained to a broken down truck, the ground around him covered in his excrement, with no food and filthy water. The matting of his fur made it hard for him to move around. It was heartbreaking. 

Upon inquiring with the neighbors, with the management of the hotel, and with servers, bartenders and anyone who would listen, it became apparent that this type of treatment was not only tolerated, it was so common and ubiquitous, that the standard response was, "this is just how it is here in Mykonos." 

The truth is, however, it doesn't have to be. 

With a little research, we found that there are current laws on the book in the country of Greece that outlaw and forbid this type of neglect and mistreatment of animals. They are just not enforced. So, please stand with me and insist that the government of Greece, and the municipality of Mykonos respect the laws that have already been enacted, and the animals which they are designed to protect, and crack down on the inhumane and negligent treatment of animals by fining the perpetrators of this abuse, and when appropriate, relocating their animals to animal-rights non-profit organizations where they can be fostered and adopted by attentive and loving families.

As a major tourist destination, Mykonos and Greece rely heavily on the dollars spent by tourists who want to visit the beautiful and historic sights of these incredible islands. If no action is taken by the Greek government, I ask that you spread the word, and consider another destination when planning your next visit to the Mediterranean. Italy and Spain are equally beautiful and more evolved when it comes to the treatment of our animal friends.   


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