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STOP the extermination of stray dogs and Police brutality in Romania . Until then we will avoid Romania and Romanian products

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To whom it my concern

We, citizens of the entire world, signatories of this petition, OUTRAGED by the way Police treats the Romanian people and by the mass killings of animals, and the intention to EXTERMINATE the stray dogs, we would like to let all Romanian authorities , Romanian Media and  Romanian National Authority for Tourism know that we will avoid Romania as a tourist destination as well as all Made in Romania products.  

What we have learned over the years, and the horrible news about the national wide cruelty to animals, manipulation and instigation of the public, against stray dogs and animal lovers, owners, protectors, fighters for animal rights , determined us to believe that Romania is NOT a really democratic country and the Romanian Government does not respect the people' will , instead uses horrible barbaric and primitive tactics to intimidate the public, uses the Media to manipulate and instigate and caves to those  antisocial groups who believe that by EXTERMINATING innocent animals, the problem of stray dogs over population can be solved over night.   

It has become obvious for quite sometime that the Romanian Media promotes ONLY ANTI DOGS groups, refuses to inform the public about the countless protests in the entire Europe against legalized cruelty to animals, continues to divert the public attention from the real problems children face in Romania ( street children, orphaanages ) in order to be able to promote the MASS KILLINGS of animals who are still on the streets of Romania BECAUSE there is no law to impose mass sterilization, and because the POLICE does not want to punish those who abandon animals.  

We are appalled by the way the Romanian Government treated members of the EU Parliament who visited Romania recently in order to ask for HUMANE and CIVILIZED measures for the stray dogs, yet the newly created IREC dictates to the governemtn..We are aware of the fact that this groups preaches the mass killings of strays and that the Romanian Media manipulates, misinforms, lies and isntigates the population, not only against the dogs but also against the Romanian Organizations for the Protection of Animals..  

Please take a look!about/c1h5o    

Please look on The Petition Site and on to see how many ( hundreds ) of petition against the way Romanian treat animals, have been created from ALL OVER THE WORLD, yet, again, the Romanian Media, REFUSES to inform the public, although their emails are placed on the petitions...This is probably an ORDER from the Romanian Government...

There are thousands of groups and pages on Facebook and on the internet , created by people from ALL over the world for the animals in Romania, yet, again the Romanian Media refuses to inform the public, because the Romanian Media decided to promote only those from IREC ( initiativa pentru responsabilitate Civica..those who SCREAM for the EXTERMINATION of dogs to start right away...)   

We are also outraged by the fact that the Romanian Police does not want to fully investigated the cases of animal cruelty, yet it is visible as Body Guards for the dog catchers everywhere in Romania.   

Please take note of the following petitions   ( this is only the tip of the icebergs, because we do not want to take too much space )✓&q=Romania&commit=Search  

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Romania has become a disgrace for the EU...and the civilized world.    

We hope that you will take the right decision and eliminate that article which allow the extermination ( euthanasia ) of healthy animals , will make sure that the public shelters for stray animals are nor longer DEATH CAMPS and will also stop Police Brutality in your country 

Thank you 

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