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Turn away Bjørn Lomborg's anti-climate science institute funding

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As a student at UWA, I won't stand for my university hosting Bjørn Lomborg. My future is at stake because people like Lomborg are in the ears of our politicians with an anti-science and fossil fuel funded agenda.

The Australian Government is giving away $4 million of funding for Lomborg to set up the “Consensus Centre”, which is misleading because his views are entirely out of step with scientific consensus. This funding has been handed to Lomborg, outside of the competitive research grant process - an insult to students and researchers who are facing hefty cuts and job losses, doing important scientific research.

Lomborg's views are dangerous. He assigns himself to the same views as the fossil fuel lobby that we can solve energy poverty with coal, that Pacific Islanders don't care about climate change, and that taking action on climate change should not be a priority for governments. 

At UWA studying science I learned that climate change is the biggest threat facing my generation, and to address it we need to stay below two degrees of warming. 93 countries have already committed to this, the last thing we need is for a faux-scientist, funded by vested interests, advising the Government on policy.

In 2012, the Danish government pulled funding for Lomborg's Copenhagen Consensus Center, so has been co-opted in a politically motivated move by the Australian Government to find someone to support their policies.

His self professed agenda includes helping inform the national and international conversation on setting the most effective priorities, and influence the creation of the new Millennium Development Goals.

Bjørn claims to be thinking about the long term impacts of policy, yet his views on dealing with climate change are an insult to our generation.

In the name of science, and climate action I am calling on the Vice Chancellor to not accept this politically-motivated appointment of Bjørn Lomborg.

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