Mass Promotion For All Students Of Jammu University & Affiliated Colleges.

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Mobile Internet was snapped across Jammu & Kashmir on 4th of August, 2019. Since then people of the region are suffering due to a communication barrier. Where businesses have lost 100s of crores, startups in the region are dying and early death. But the main victim of all this scenario became the youth of Jammu and Kashmir, Students since August of 2019 were struggling to study from various free and other online portals, where they have  even paid huge fee for online classes, neither they got the classes neither they got their money back, Many voices were raised but no one listened. During this period at least the regular classes were happening at colleges and universities, so they were able to somehow study at least their core subjects.




But, Then came the Covid-19 Pandemic, which stopped the whole world,due to which everyone is suffering but students are suffering the most, but soon a solution was found to provide online classes to university and college students, and classes started to happen like this, not sure how many were done by Jammu University, but as you know that Only 2G, service is available in Jammu & Kashmir, therefore students are not being able to take online classes. Therefore, Kashmir University ordered to mass promote its students without taking exams, and that is a welcome decision , but the University of Jammu still wants the students to appear for the final exams, even after knowing about the ongoing situation here where there is no Proper internet connection, and a lock-down going on from past two and a half month. University of Jammu says it has completed 50% or more syllabus through online classes already, where not even 6-7% students were able to attend the online classes, which is an absolute fact.


Now university wants students to return to university for regular classes for some 10 days or more, for assignment submissions, practicals and completion of 'left over syllabus' and after that they want students to give exams in a conventional manner. With a university having more than 50 degree courses how come they will be able to follow social distancing and other necessary measures, and can't it lead to a more serious problem , even if one or two students were affected due to covid-19 , will it not lead to a community spread. Secondly many of the students in the university come from far flung areas of the region, how will university make sure to provide them a safe transport or even transport, as we all know public transport is not available due to lock-down.


Therefore, its a demand of students of Jammu university and even the people of Jammu as a whole, that Jammu university should follow the decision of Kashmir University and should Mass promote all the university students. Considering the genuine reasons mentioned above.


In Anticipation of a positive decision,

Students of Jammu University.