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Stop victimization of research scholar. Reinstate Dhrupadi Ghosh

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Stop victimization of research scholar. Reinstate Dhrupadi Ghosh



This is to bring to your consideration that a PhD scholar, Dhrupadi Ghosh’s PhD registration has been cancelled without any intimation to her and without giving her a fair hearing. Because a PhD scholar has been deregistered after completing two years of research without citing any reason or giving her any prior intimation or the scope to defend her work, this arbitrary order has created an atmosphere of panic among the general students, who no longer feel secure regarding their academic future in Jamia. It has become difficult for us to concentrate on our studies in this atmosphere of panic and insecurity. 


As per the academic ordinance no.9 of the university regarding the cancellation of admission, it is clearly mentioned that: 


9. Cancellation of Registration in the Ph.D. Course


(a) The admission of a Ph.D. student shall be deemed as cancelled if he/she has not submitted his/her Thesis within the time limit, including extensions, as given in Para 7(i). 

(b) The Board of Studies/Committee of Studies shall recommend to the Faculty/Board of Management the cancellation of registration of a Ph.D. student on:

(i) His/her unsatisfactory progress reported by the concerned Supervisor as per the usual norms of justice. 

(ii) He/she having taken admission in any undergraduate/post-graduate course in any University/Institution. 

(iii) He/she has appeared in any examination in terms of Para 7 (v) without obtaining prior permission from the Board of Studies/Committee of Studies. 

(iiii) His/her admission will be liable to be cancelled if he/she fails to deposit the dues within the period of two months after the due date of payment.

(c) The admission of a Ph.D. student may be cancelled if found guilty of misconduct of any other nature. 


However, before sending its recommendation to the Faculty/Board of Management, the Board of Studies/Committee of Studies shall give an opportunity to the candidate to explain as to why his registration should not be cancelled. If the Board is not satisfied with the reply given by the candidate, it shall recommend to the Faculty/ Board of Management for canceling his/her registration. 


The Faculty/Board of Management may cancel the registration of the candidate if it is satisfied with the recommendation of the Board of Studies/Committee of Studies. While canceling the registration, the Faculty/ Board of Management shall clearly state the reason for cancellation and notify the student.


As per the university ordinances, the scholar whose registration is about to be cancelled has to be informed and given a chance to argue her case in front of the board of studies prior to the cancellation. In Dhrupadi Ghosh’s case, the notification of deregistration has already been made public but she has not been even informed about any proceedings before the cancellation nor has she received any official communication yet. We find it absolutely shocking that the university can casually violate its own rules (and the norms of common decency) to victimize a scholar.

We would like to point out that:

1.      Dhrupadi Ghosh was admitted following due process of admission in PhD.

2.      She had qualified UGC-NET and sat in an interview in the university.

3.      In 2015, Dhrupadi Ghosh appeared with the same research proposal in two departments of social sciences in Jamia Millia Islamia. Her proposal was approved by both and she was offered admission to PhD in the following two departments of JMI:

a.      Department of Sociology

b.      Center for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy  

4.      She chose Sociology.

5.      Her guide, Prof. Neshat Quaisar is satisfied with her academic progress.

6.      None of the reasons for cancellation, mentioned in the University’s academic ordinances apply to her.

This makes us suspect that Dhrupadi’s deregistration is to victimise her for supporting the workers who had not been paid their wages by the contractor and by the university. In fact, her support for the workers was in keeping with the ethos of Jamia Milia Islamia University. The university acknowledged as much when it took back the workers on its rolls after they had been abandoned by their contractor. Dhrupadi has also been active – along with other similarly committed students – in campaigning with the University to stay true to its mission by protesting the fee hike, asking that hostel facilities be made available to all, and asking the University to abide by labour laws that it is in any case mandated to follow. Dhrupadi’s voice has always been lent to furthering the highest goals and ethos of our university. It would be great pity if she is victimised for having done so.

We want a free and fair Jamia, where academic work can be pursued fearlessly and campus democracy is respected and nurtured. The unfair cancellation of Dhrupadi Ghosh’s PhD goes against all that this university stands for.

We therefore request you to withdraw the arbitrary order deregistering Dhrupadi Ghosh and reinstate her immediately.  

Yours Sincerely

Concerned Students of Jamia Millia Islamia

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