Deakin Stand by Warrnambool Campus

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Deakin Stand by Warrnambool Campus

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Mikayla Longano- Pinch started this petition to Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane den Hollander

We the students of Deakin’s Warrnambool campus, implore Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane den Hollander to hear us, and our aspirations for not only our campus but also our community, and ask for Deakin University’s ongoing support. 


By choosing to study rurally we are given the advantage of smaller class sizes enabling us to excel within our chosen area of study, and interact not only with our peers but also our lecturers, who are willing to go above and beyond for their students.  At Warrnambool Campus, we are not simply enrolment statistics but human beings.

For the residents of Deakin Warrnambool, Deakin is not merely a university but, in fact, our home.

We are highly disappointed by the prospect of closure or the transfer of Warrnambool campus to another higher education provider, as we chose to put our trust and futures in the hands of Deakin University. 

Consider Deakin’s globally recognised Bachelor of Environmental Science (Marine Biology), which draws international students to Warrnambool, the home of aquaculture. However as of 2016, Deakin discontinues it's fisheries and aquaculture course, despite aquaculture being one of the world’s largest growing industries. The skills and education provided by this course are unmatched by any other university in Australia. Our campus is currently home to the state of the art Deakin Aquaculture Futures Facility that provides practical experience for students, opportunities for honours and Ph.D. students to complete their research project and allows members of staff to undertake vital research, often with partnerships with major corporations such as Tassal and the Australia Government


We the community, beg you to consider the advantages of maintaining a rural campus.

Our campus is not only important for undergraduates but provides the opportunity for higher education for mature age students particularly those with families. Deakin Warrnambool provides a community friendly environment for all seek who knowledge, despite its decline its course offerings.

Deakin students and graduates contribute to the vibrant identity of Warrnambool, as they continue to live, learn and work in regional Victoria.

Deakin Warrnambool is home to students from not only the South-west, but traveling from their hometowns of Kyabram, Mount Gambier, Alice Springs, Darwin, Bendigo, Melbourne, Wallan, Sale, Sunbury, Geelong, Swan Hill, Lake Boga, Ballarat, Tatura; and Internationally from Iowa, Oregon, Minnesota, Hong Kong, Wisconsin, Chicago, and Berlin.  

Deakin's rural campus is the lifeblood of Warrnambool and the greater South-west, in terms of education and employment. This news of divesting our campus comes only months after the community celebrated 25 years of Deakin University in Warrnambool. To abandon the campus would be not only detrimental to existing students, and staff, who would be displaced by your decision, but disadvantage the rural south-west Victoria.

We the people are proud of our campus.

We humbly ask that you attempt to raise enrolments through new marketing techniques, and increased and complete course offering, rather than abandon our campus and community.

Often unheard, we the people stand.


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This petition had 4,391 supporters

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