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Vice-Chancellor Byrne commit to keeping Monash University homophobia free

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Monash University has stated it's "respect for the dignity of all human beings, regardless of sexual preference".

An academic with an adjunct/honorary association with Monash University, Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen, is of the firm belief that homosexuality is an abnormality and that it is comparable to incest, bestiality and adultery.  He also asserts that the Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, an initiative that combats homophobic bullying in schools, is unethical and it's funding should be investigated.

The Australian Jewish community leadership has distanced themselves from the views of this academic.  Staff from the Monash University Faculty of Education have called for the university to "please explain".

If Monash University truly respects the dignity of all people, it must ensure that any academic that operates in its name or on its behalf similarly respects the dignity of all people, irrespective of sexual orientation.

Monash University must provide an academic environment of the highest integrity, free from homophobic intolerance and hatred.  It must not tolerate homophobia in any form and it must not associate with people who promulgate homophobic views.

Monash University - to uphold your statement of dignity, you must ensure all associated academics refrain from expressing views that are intolerant of homosexuality.  If you cannot uphold this, especially in cases of academics with a known history of such intolerance of homosexuality, you must sever ties with these academics immediately.

We call upon Vice Chancellor Professor Ed Byrne to clearly state that he and Monash university will not tolerate with homophobia in any form, and will sever ties with those associated with Monash University who promote homophobia.

P.S.  You can stay in touch via the Facebook page "I demand a homophobia-free Monash University" and on Twitter @HateFreeMonash.

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