Installation of a Round-About at Hopkins Road - Boundary Road Intersection

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This is a petition to get a roundabout installed at the Hopkins Road - Boundary Road intersection. This is a collision hotspot and this intersection has taken too many lives, and others have come extremely close. 

On the 24/08/19 I was involved in a t-bone collision at the interchange of Hopkins Road and Boundary Road. The speed limit was 60km/h and as i was approaching the intersection another car failed to give way. My first ever car that i bought with my hard earned money had been written off, and the people in the other car had been injured and their car also written off. 

I spoke to the responding Constable on scene and he said on one occasion there were 3 collisions in the space of 8 hours on this very intersection. For many years this intersection had been a hotspot for collision resulting in life threatening injury and death. I was lucky to escape unharmed.

There must be a means to an end of the dangerous intersection that thousands of people travel on every day, as they head into the western suburbs or out. 

Please help, save a life