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Viacom: Stop airing Nuclear Energy Institute's pro-nuclear power advertisement.

It is full of misinformation and distortions of fact. There is no such thing as safe or clean nuclear power. Their claim of low production cost is greatly exaggerated. They are claiming that the cost of production of nuclear power plants is at 4 cents per KWh. It is currently more like 17 cents/KWh in currently running plants and is estimated it will be as high as 22 cents/KWh in any new plant built. Mining is not clean. "Disposal" of spent fuel is IMPOSSIBLE, recycling of spent fuel is not safe, nor is it clean. Ask the folks in Japan if they think nuclear power is safe or clean. 2 years ago they might have said yes..
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  • Chief Operating Officer, Viacom, Inc.
    Thomas E. Dooley
  • Viacom, Inc.
  • President and Chief Executive Officer, Viacom, Inc.
    Philippe Dauman

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