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Stop Exploiting The Children of Teen Mom & Teen Mom 2- Cancel The Series

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These shows started off by trying to show the struggles of teen mothers, and discouraging this behavior in our youth.  However, it has become an unprotected abusive environment for the sake of entertaining television. They are using these children for entertainment purposes and oblivious to the long term damage that is being inflicted upon them. These children are forced into traumatic and abusive situations so that MTV and Morgan J. Freeman are able to film for higher TV ratings. These children have no outside entity that has their best interest in mind


Link to North Carolina to report abuse and exploitation:                                  (910) 798-3420

MTV, 11th Street Productions, and Morgan J. Freeman are putting these children in volatile situations for the sake of money and ratings.  Child Protective Services needs to step in on behalf of these children. The children of these mothers (and fathers) have been put in very dangerous situations countless times. These mothers and fathers are signing off, on behalf of their children, for the money, and no one is looking at the best interest of the children. 

These are role models that MTV, Viacom,  and their sponsors should not be endorsing for financial gain.

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Examples of  Positive Change:

1 or 2 year limit of filming the same “teen moms”

Change the cast more frequently in order to protect the children from long term psychological damage

These are simply a tiny glimpse into the everyday lives of these “teen moms” and their children.

  • Jenelle Evans has a growing list of legal battles that include 16 mugshots. She has also been filmed using heroin and those scenes were aired on national television, with no report to local authorities. Her son Jace, that she doesn't have custody of, is forced to be in abusive situations for the sake of entertaining television. She frequently lashes out with obscene hate speech towards US military men and women, and wishing death upon them. She has been admitted to rehabilitation centers, jails, and arrested and convicted of drug abuse. Her current live in boyfriend has an order of protection against him for attempting to strangle the mother of his biological son. He has pending charges for violating that order of protection.
  • Kailyn Lowry has physically assaulted her husband, Javi Marroquin, and it was aired on television with no legal repercussions. She enjoys "snap chatting" pictures and videos while she is behind the wheel of of vehicle with disregard to the dangers that imposes on her children.  (Married once with pending divorce and multiple fathers to her children as well.)
  • Leah Messer has been filmed multiple times smoking cigarettes with her 3 young daughters in the back seat of her car. She’s also been filmed nodding off from drug abuse while driving her 3 young daughters. She frequently  uses her cell phone while driving her daughters around and forgetting that she was being filmed. (Multiple marriages and divorces along with varying fathers to her children.)
  • Farrah Abraham has become a nationally-recognized porn star. She is exploiting her daughter for entertainment and teaching her to follow in her footsteps.  She was also shown on television physically assaulting Larry Musnik one of the producers for Teen Mom.  She is often filmed being emotionally abusive to the people around her. 
  • Amber Portwood has served time in jail for physically abusing her ex-boyfriend Gary, and has been in and out of several rehabilitation centers for drug addiction. MTV is currently filming her daughter Leah, around her new boyfriend that has a very shady and secretive past, that includes domestic violence, fraud, 7 pending claims for unpaid child support, and a protective order from a previous girlfriend.

It starts with one voice to protect the children.

If nothing else think about the children and having a film crew grow up around them. A simple look into the history of childhood actors will tell you where these children will most likely end up.

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