Leave Nick Reboot alone!!!

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Me being a Dude who was born in the 80's and who was Basically Raised by Television, I Loved Nickelodeon with everything in my Heart. Growing up with this Network Has been a Pleasure back in the 90's, when I would come home from middle School, BOOM!! I turned on my T.V and right away Nickelodeon, that's how much I loved this Channel on my Cable Broadcast Network. Yeah, I know every kid someday grows up. I understand.... its just that what I'm trying to say is that Nick has had a huge impact on the Young Youth and the Old School Folk, when I was browsing the Internet and looked up Nickelodeon of the 90's I seen this website pop up called, I was like what is this? when I clicked the Link it was like I re-winded time and just got lost in the past cartoons like Doug, Rugrats, Kablam and etc. I said to myself this is amazing!!! I was like a kid all over again, so I watched this website consistently everyday before I went to work. This website I would say was like a time machine for me. Today my Significant other went to this website and it was shut down. My Girlfriend broke down to Real Tears!!! I asked her whats Wrong? She tells me they stopped our Favorite Website? I was confused, Because I told her I was on the site yesterday and it worked? She loved it so much!!! I could not Believe they would shut down such an Amazing website, Viacom has no right to Destroy people's Memories. If possible lets keep it around so we can show our children what real TV was all about.....

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