Continuation of the petition "Bring back the Spongebob from our childhoods"

Continuation of the petition "Bring back the Spongebob from our childhoods"

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Unfortunately last time so many votes didn't move Nickelodeon, Viacom, and CBS at all to change the series. Let's break the record of votes, and show them that people don't like what they are doing to the series at all! Let's not allow computer animation, let's not allow neon SpongeBob and let the show we love suffer! Let's fight for Spongebob to return to its roots! For him to return to his normal appearance, character, humor, and most importantly, normalcy!

Spongebob Squarepants is a cherished part of many people's childhood. It's hard to find any teenage or college student who doesn't remember episodes like "Pizza Delivery", or "Band Geeks", and making a Spongebob reference is a sure way to get everyone laughing. By the time it's first movie was released in 2004, the show had created so many timeless episodes with original and creative writing that anyone could enjoy. However, at the end of Season 3 and after the movie was released in theaters, Stephen Hillenburg stepped down from executive producers because he didn't want the show "to jump the shark" or to get ahead of itself. He then appointed Paul Tibbitt to his position. Now, many people attribute the show's decline to Paul, but I do not because he was an instrumental part in giving us those great episodes from Season 1 - 3. No, I blame Nickelodeon. After the movie became a huge success and brought in a huge profit, Nickelodeon saw Spongebob in a new light. This wasn't a good thing. I believe they forced the writers and producers to pander to children in a way that makes former fans cringe. As the years went on, the jokes ran stale and much of the characters became one-dimensional. Even Spongebob himself began to look different, becoming an almost neon yellow and other various style changes that just look...wrong. The animation style also became more and more eccentric to the point of ridiculousness. 

Season 10 marks the return of Stephen Hillenburg as executive producer and I had hoped things could have changed for the better. But as I watched two new episodes, I felt disappointment fill my gut. The first one, written by Mr.Lawrence, had it's memorable moments and made me laugh at times. But I quite get passed the character design of Spongebob, and the odd animation style that was just too much. And as the second episode came on, anger set in. The entire plot was just disgusting and the writing was lackluster at best. This wasn't the old Spongebob, and it proved that Hillenburg leaving wasn't the only thing that caused the decline in quality.

If you support this petition, Nickelodeon will be reminded of the huge amounts of fans they had lost and how big of a mistake they made in stepping on the creative genius of the show's creators. They will be reminded that children AND adults enjoy cartoons, and how important it is to keep both of the viewership happy. And they will return to a writing style and artistic style that we all loved. That is what I'm hoping for, and I hope that you do too. 

227 have signed. Let’s get to 500!