Change Teennick’s Lineup

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Nearly two decades ago, The N started with a strong, original lineup despite sharing time with Noggin (Nick Jr.). It was the only channel that really targeted a teenage audience.

However, in the last five or so years, TeenNick’s lineup has greatly dwindled. TeenNick has no original series. TeenNick Top 10 doesn’t even air anymore. Its lineup is almost exactly the same as Nickelodeon. A lot of the shows being aired, like Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, The Thundermans, etc, do not target teenagers at all. Teens and young adults did not grow up with those shows.

Drake & Josh, one of the most popular TeenNick shows, is rarely aired anymore. Other shows that are consistently posted about on TeenNick social media pages, such as Zoey 101, Ned's Declassified, and Big Time Rush, are never aired. Most teens have grown up with those shows, as well as iCarly and Victorious, and this is what teens want to see. Airing iCarly, Victorious, and Sam & Cat for only three hours out of the entire day, however, viciously eliminates a large amount of potential viewership. I am positive that these three hours are the strongest out of the entire day.

This is also why shows that have been a staple of The N/TeenNick should be brought back. Degrassi, South to Nowhere, Radio Free Roscoe, O’Grady, Caitlin’s Way. Degrassi: The Next Generation aired on the network for over a decade, and was the reason many people watched the network. Shows like those gave teens something to relate to, something to understand the world around them better. Of course, if there are issues with obtaining rights, that would be understandable—but TeenNick has changed so drastically even in the last five years, that its target audience of teenagers is long gone.

The only aired show that is not an original Nickelodeon show is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which airs twice a day. More syndicated programs—such as What I Like About You or Sabrina The Teenage Witch—would be a great idea. Airing movies would also be a great idea, similar to the occasional airings on MTV. Movies like Mean Girls or Clueless would easily draw viewers. More international programs, like the imported H2O and Dance Academy would give TeenNick more than just reruns. TeenNick hasn’t premiered anything in years.

It’s also time to change the NickSplat lineup. Unfortunately, it’s back to its original problems when it was the 90s’ Are All That. There is not much of a variety. The same shows air every weekday, and there are no live-action shows on the line-up at all. What about Kenan & Kel, All That, The Amanda Show, Clarissa Explains It All, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and The Secret World of Alex Mack? Why not have NickSplat on Nicktoons, with classic animated shows, and NickSplat on TeenNick, with classic live action shows?

A lot of people feel the same way, and this is why TeenNick should introduce more of a variety of programming and also air older gems from its catalogue of programming. A block similar to the German Nicknight would be a surefire hit with teens. TeenNick is excellent at engaging its audience through the use of television promos and social media, however, many people feel that TeenNick has lost viewership, and in order to keep viewers and reel in new ones, the network should focus on its target audience—TEENS, as well as young adults—instead of becoming Nick 2. 

The best idea would be to let viewers pick the TeenNick lineup, possibly through their website by allowing occasional voting, similar to U Pick with Stick from The 90s’ Are All That.

If you’re feeling nostalgic towards your favorite television shows growing up, I urge you to sign this petition, along with the show you want TeenNick to air most.

Thank you.