Bring Avatar :the last air bender new series to Netflix or help nick green light another!!

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Avatar: The last air bender is my favorite animated show of all time. The sequal LOK was good but never lived up to TLA overarching 3 elemental books at 20 episodes each and the character development nor lore matches TLA and I’m positive I’m not the only one who feels this way. The idea is obviously not to create the same show. With that being said a couple of interesting ideas come up in the avatar universe that a wide overarching plot could cover that aang or Korra hasn’t dealt with yet. This could be something like a worldwide civil war aligning either 2 nations in some pact or conquest of the other nations. Maybe the avatar could be the villain with a cast of normal benders as the protagonist possibly playing into the world wide civil war story. This could provide a really unique take on the avatar making him a very morally complex character along with a chance to explore the for nations again in an attempt for the new protagonist to gain the knowledge and skillls separately to master their own element so that together they could defeat the tyrant avatar. Preferably I’d like to see a return to a pre Korra time period since the world and lore just work better in an older setting but with some current technology like TLA. Overall none of the specific ideas here have to make it in whatsoever the only important part is that TLA and the masterpiece it is get followed up by a true successor that returns the series to its roots and greatness and gives a proper multi season layered and nuanced avatar arc with fully fleshed out and likeable side characters. Sign and share with anyone possible to show them the interest for the show is still there to help make our hopes a reality :)!!!!!