Justice for Lola Whittaker

Justice for Lola Whittaker

1 February 2022
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Started by Charlie Whittaker

On Tuesday 25th January My Bulldog, Lola, went in for BOAS Surgery & a cherry eye removal. Whist in consultation they stated she would most likely be staying in for the night once the surgery had finished. At around 4.00pm later that day, I gave Vets for pets, Romford a call to find out how Lola was getting on and if she had come out of surgery. The reception went to check and said she has just started to Jim wake up with one eye open and told me to collect Lola at around half 6 that same evening, I thought this was strange that she never had to stay in over night. When we went to collect Lola at half 6 the vet brought her in and passed Lola over to us without much life in her, when we questioned this the vet had said that she is still high on sedation and is to just rest at home with medication. When getting home Lola was carried in and softly put in to her bed (still again with what we thought was high sedation.)
I personally stayed awake all night monitoring Lola to ensure she was okay. The following morning there was still no change in Lola, this clearly worried us as she was acting completely out of character and didn’t look herself. Due to this, I contacted the vet straight away to make them aware of this at around 10:14am. I explained to the receptionist that Lola had had BOAS surgery the day before and she had still not eaten, drank, moved much or had taken the medication (which was to be put inside her food, due to her not eating it meant she wouldn’t take the meds). I also then questioned about the cherry eye removal as it was not removed just corrected which is not what was discussed prior to lola’s surgery. The receptionist stated that the gentlemen who done the surgery was off that day(26th January) and will be back at 9.am the following day so to give a call back and speak to him it was also stated from the receptionist that Lola could be acting this way because of sedation and just recovery from her operation. Witch the receptionist is not medically trained to tell me that, Later that evening we knew something was not right with Lola, she still had not moved, eaten or drank. Suddenly Lola started to bring up blood and then we noticed Lola had stopped breathing and had stopped moving at all.
My dad then turned Lola on her side and started to do chest compressions and gave Lola mouth to mouth.
We managed to regain her heartbeat and Lola started to go slowly warm up with a sign on life. As we got Lola in to the car and headed to the emergency vets (Same vets that done the operation) whilst on our way I contacted the vets to let them know the situation and that we was on our way I also stated that she had had no heartbeat and that we managed to get a heartbeat back and that it was still present. The receptionist who answered the phone said to me “OKAY WE WILL HAVE SOMEONE WAITING AT THE DOOR!!”. I said please make sure you do and she said I WILL!!. When we arrived at the vets we got straight out the car and headed to the door banging screaming and buzzing trying to get anyones, someone’s attention. Through the door we could see 3 receptionist sitting at the desk. We couldn’t believe it no one was waiting at the door for us even thought we had phoned prior and made them aware of the situation. We were now stood waiting with Lola in our hands outside in the cold still maintaining a heartbeat. 2 minutes had passed with our beautiful bulldog waiting for someone to come and help us . Every second was crucial for us and Lola .

After waiting outside for them precious few minutes the receptionist walked down slowly to open the door. Once we was let inside we ran upstairs with Lola in our arms and handed her over to the lady and stated she had just had BOAS surgery the day prior at this exact vets and that something was seriously wrong. After around 3 Minutes the vet called us in and told us that Lola had passed away and that there is nothing he can do. He mentioned to my dad that he saw on her notes that she had surgery yesterday, so my dad questioned if the lady that we previously had spoken to mentioned what we had said, he confirmed that she had not. My dad continued to question what the vet had done because he had kept her alive the whole way to the surgery and the vet said that he hadn’t tried anything as it was too late.

My dad said you must try something at least! so the vet gave Lola adrenaline to shock her heart but this was after 10 minutes of Lola laying on the table!!
The vet wasn’t prepared to try at-all. They left my baby girl laying on that table.
Lola passed away from lack of care from this vets and they made so many mistakes that have cost her her life and a big loss from our family home. They will not get away with this, she didn’t deserve such lack of care. Lola was only 1 years of age and such a happy little baby. She didn’t deserve any of this. Now doing even more research this vets have made so many mistakes from the receptionists giving out medical advice when they’re not trained to do so and telling me to come back the following day, letting Lola home 2 hours after a big surgery, leaving us waiting at that door when every second counted even though we had contacted them prior, telling them we was our way and pleading for them to be ready for Lola and them saying they would be, yet no one was!! She should of had assistance right there and then at that door, to then Lola laying on that table with no effort made from these veterinary staff to even TRY - yet after Lola passed we spoke to staff who performed the BOAS surgery and they confirmed someone should of been ready for her and put a tube down her throat at that door, instead we had to hold our baby in a cold, dark car park calling the vets and banging on the door begging for help. We see our baby trying to breathe in that car park whilst we were banging on that door pleading for help, she was warming up. We knew our baby best.

They had a duty of care to my animal, my baby, our family pet, which they failed to do. We put our trust, time and money into these vet practices and expect when an emergency arises, for it to be treated with urgency and decorum. We unfortunately experienced something completely different and that cost us to loose a vital member of our family. Our 1 year old English bulldog, Lola.

Please sign my petition to get justice for Lola and to stop this happening to any other animal and families. Vets4Pets need to be held accountable for their actions and if anything can come out of this horrible situation, is that it will never happen again so our baby will forever live on helping to change the way these practises run.

Thank you for your time reading our story & To Lola, we will love you forever and a day

  I’m hoping  the CEO of this company ( VETS FOR PETS ROMFORD) read this and understand our family is broken  and we will not give up without justice they need to be investigated  and we Will be going to court  for our BabyGirl� 









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Signatures: 5,909Next Goal: 7,500
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