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Investigate and revoke the veterinary license of Mustafa Mrkulic due to animal abuse and malpractice

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Veterinarian Mustafa Mrkulić is considered to be the butcher of animals in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based on reports by animal rights activists, Mrkulić has killed thousands of animals, particularly stray dogs in Sarajevo.

There is public speculation that animals are being killed using illegal means, such as injecting cleaning supplies like bleach directly in the animal’s heart. Following the injection in the heart, the animal is condemned to hours of dying in agony.

Furthermore, Mrkulić is the only veterinarian willing to work with the unlawfully formed Hygiene Services of Novi Grad municipality in Sarajevo responsible for dog catching services. All other veterinarians have refused to collaborate with the stated Hygiene Service.

Mrkulić’s operation of illegal animal killing is conducted at the veterinary facility in Reljevo located on the outskirts of Sarajevo. Sarajevo residents who inquire about the wellbeing of stray dogs taken to the veterinary facility are turned away and the police is called under the guise that the activists are “obstructing the work” of veterinarians.

Sarajevo residents who recently tried to prevent dog catchers from taking five stray dogs they cared for in their neighborhood were fined 500 EUR by the law enforcement authorities. The dogs “disappeared,” but there is no doubt that they were taken to Mrkulić to be slaughtered.

Several criminal complaints have been submitted against Mustafa Mrkulić based on the following suspicions: torture and killing of animals, abuse of power and authority, complicity in criminal acts, and misuse of funds. Each complaint is backed by material evidence and witness statements.

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