Veterinarians: Fully Inform Us Before Vaccinating Our Dogs and Cats

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Veterinarians: Fully Inform Us Before Vaccinating Our Dogs and Cats

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Truth4Pets started this petition to President, American Veterinary Medical Association Dr. Rene Carlson and

Our dogs and cats need us to make informed vaccination choices to protect them from life-threatening diseases. Unfortunately, most of us unwittingly pay for unnecessary vaccines that won’t benefit our animals in any way -- and may actually cause harm. Many of us have learned this the hard way.

Did you know that certain important “core” vaccines give long -- even lifetime -- immunity and don’t require repeated “boosters”? Or that some common vaccines may not be necessary or even advisable when considering age, health or low risk of exposure? Or that certain common vaccines, and vaccine combinations, are more likely to cause adverse reactions than others?

We, the petitioners, are not opposing all vaccination. We oppose unnecessary vaccines and the unnecessary revaccination of adult pets. We oppose vaccination without informed consent.

Because vaccine damage may not be evident for weeks, months or even years, your veterinarian may never link vaccination to health or behavior problems. Though severe vaccine reactions are not common, even moderate reactions can be catastrophic for animals and their human families. Aside from physical and emotional tolls, treatment can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars and may never restore good health.

Who pays to treat vaccine reactions? We do. Who cares for vaccine-damaged pets -- or mourns their loss? We do. Who deserves to be fully informed about risks versus benefits? We do!

Top veterinary schools, all major American veterinary associations and The World Small Animal Veterinary Association have changed their vaccination recommendations for dogs and cats to reduce the “vaccine load” and prevent adverse reactions. Research scientists and concerned veterinarians have been pleading for this change since the 1970’s.

Unfortunately, most veterinary clinics have changed vaccination protocols very little or not at all. They continue to revaccinate animals that already have immunity, unnecessarily risking adverse reactions that come from repeated vaccination. Optional vaccines with low effectiveness and high reaction rates, vaccines that should be given only under special circumstances (if ever), continue to be given routinely. Chances are your dog or cat was vaccinated unnecessarily. Most are. Ours were.

Just some of the vaccine reactions listed in the 2011 American Animal Hospital Association Canine Vaccination Guidelines (sponsored by four drug major companies) include:

Acute Reactions (within 72 hours)

• allergic reaction
• anaphylactic shock
• collapse
• seizures
• loss of consciousness
• lack of coordination
• death

Chronic reactions (long-term)

• cancer
• autoimmune disease
• arthritis
• behavior change
• hair loss
• skin disease
• AIHA/IMHA (a serious autoimmune blood disease)

Cats suffer many of these same reactions. Vaccine-associated sarcoma (a malignant, highly invasive cancer) is especially problematic for cats and is on the rise in dogs and ferrets.

Help Stop Unnecessary Vaccination

Please sign this petition then go to There you’ll find Questions to Ask Before Vaccinating Your Dog or Cat plus videos, studies, case histories and articles explaining what vaccination experts believe. Be sure to share this petition and website with animal-loving friends and people influencing your pet’s vaccination -- groomers, trainers, boarding facilities and veterinarians.

By signing this petition, tell veterinarians we want the same rights to full disclosure medical doctors give humans before vaccinating. Tell pet insurance companies to encourage titer testing and to stop reimbursing and promoting unnecessary vaccination. Tell veterinary educators to start requiring mandatory continuing education in vaccinology and immunology. And tell the USDA to grant us easy access to reported adverse reactions for all companion animal vaccines, and to allow only scientifically-proven revaccination recommendations on vaccine labels.

Together we can send a message: The time has come for veterinarians to stop vaccinating our pets without first disclosing all risks and benefits and obtaining our informed consent.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional care.


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This petition had 5,926 supporters

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