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Vet ties shoelace on dogs snout intends to euthanize without sedation.Lets change his standards to humane ones

because not only am i a grieving pet lover but also an advocate for animals.because if he is able to continue his standard practice animals will suffer terror and so will their owners.My dog Bagherra was 14yrs.old with congestive heart failure.He didnt bark growl was always friendly with everyone.i never expected a vet to tie a shostring on my dogs nose cutting off his airway he said its a soft muzzle no its not but it wasnt neccasary he was so sick if the vet was scared he should have used sedation.i screamed and he took the shoestring off my dogs snout and he left dog went peacefully put to sleep by a compassionate vet with sedation and no muzzle.please help me stop this cruel vet.he enjoys restraining while euthanizing .

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