Access to life saving Cystic Fibrosis medication for Juliet Hubbard

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Juliet Hubbard is a 35 year old woman in New Zealand who has Cystic Fibrosis and is dying. The hope of a lung transplant has been ripped away from her due to other medical complications. Now facing a very short life on oxygen 24/7, her husband has given up work to care for her until such time as she passes away.

However, there is hope for Juliet - there is a new medication, called Trikafta, which is manufactured by Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Trikafta is a miracle drug and can save Juliet's life and give her more time with her husband, family and friends, but most of all, a better quality of life. The medication is $495,000NZD per year and is her only hope right now. *(SEE NOTE AT END) 

Vertex have provided Trikafta to other sufferers across the globe in similar situations, on a companionate basis. Disappointingly, Vertex have refused compassionate access to Juliet because she lives in New Zealand - this is essentially because New Zealand is unlikely to provide access to this medication in the near future due to how New Zealand drags their feet with the funding of other new medications. Vertex have stated that they will not provide compassionate access to those who are unlikely to receive funding for the drug in the short to medium term. 

We call on Vertex to review their humanity and use their power to save Juliet's life. The world will be watching as this petition will be international.  

In this petition we urge Vertex to reconsider compassionate access to Trikafta for Juliet, because her life depends on it! We also want to highlight to PHARMAC and the NZ Government that we are being let down and being punished because of the country we live in. 

Because of New Zealand being essentially third world when it comes to embracing new medications and our health care spending, those that are vulnerable in society and need these targeted medications are missing out. Change must happen.