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"Excluded" from school for twirling a PENCIL! - Expunge Ethan's record!

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As some of you may have seen in the news my son Ethan Chaplin was "excluded" from attending school in Vernon NJ because the school claimed he made other students uncomfortable by twirling a pencil like a gun in math class. The school required that Ethan undergo a psychological evaluation before he returned to school. I refused to allow him to be evaluated for such a ridiculous accusation. In the end Ethan was taken to an Emergency Room Crisis unit by his mother where he underwent 5 torturous hours of examination including having blood drawn which caused him to loose consciousness, vomit, and then be confined to a room in the hospital for 5 hours. In the end Ethan was cleared and discharged although the hospital informed us that this was the incorrect procedure for such an incident and said he should be taken to another all night psychiatric facility to be evaluated again, I at this point refused and took him home. It was now 10PM.

I have since asked the school to provide me any documentation that supports or details the procedure for excluding a student from school, I have asked that I be provided any and all documentation pertaining to Ethan and this incident. All requests have gone unanswered by the school.

Charles Maranzano, interim superintendent of Vernon Township School District. has made some very inflamatory if not outright disturbing comments to the media:

“My belief (is) that this was a routine re-entry,” 

"Typically, when a student is required to undergo a psychological evaluation after displaying odd behaviors, the parents show up with a note, signed by a mental health professional, that clears the student to return to school, Maranzano said.

“We examine the document(for) accuracy to see if it’s a bona fide service provider. ... Typically we admit the student and ask if there are any questions and concerns.”


Maranzano said the student was not suspended, but was told he could return as soon as a doctor completed a psychological evaluation and determined the student posed no threat to himself or others.

But this is not the worst

"I don't want to be the one who failed to act when there were warning signs being demonstrated or displayed," 

and my personal favorite

"We never know what's percolating in the minds of children," says Maranzano. "And when they demonstrate behaviors that raise red flags, we must do our duty."

But here are the simple facts:

  1. There was no gun or any weapon involved.
  2. No student was harmed in any way shape or form (except Ethan)
  3. The school has no policy that outlines this situation.

 This is nothing short of the superintendent accusing my son who has never had any disciplinary issue with the school of being the next mass school shooter and that he was displaying disturbing behavior.

I am asking the school to issue a public apology to both myself and Ethan for this blatant abuse of school policy and violation of Ethan’s civil rights. I am asking that Ethan’s records be EXPUNGED and that the school cover any and all medical costs associated with this incident. And that the school review their actions and policy SO NO OTHER STUDENT HAS TO SUFFER LIKE MY SON DID.

Please help me help my son and in turn ask the Vernon Schools to take a closer look at what their policies are and how they can actually protect students more effectively.



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