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Crows are highly intelligent animals with a complex, family-oriented social structure. They are important members of our ecosystem and directly benefit us by consuming enormous quantities of insect pests, loose garbage, and roadkill. They are in the front line of “Nature’s Sanitation Crew.” ​

Current Vermont Fish & Wildlife regulations allow for the unlimited shooting of crows in season. Crow hunters often post photos on social media with heaping piles of dead birds. Even for those few who willingly consume crow for food, such quantities are not for the pot. Crows are historically reviled for eating corn crops, but the no-limit season is unnecessary in such cases since farmers are always free to shoot crows in defense of their crops according to a separate Vermont law.

The Vermont Wildlife Coalition views such unfettered and frivolous killing as a violation of the most basic ethics of hunting. No sentient animal should be killed simply for target practice or weekend thrills. Consequently, we have asked the Vermont Fish and ​Wildlife Board​ to ban such ​killing​.

In August, the Fish & Wildlife Board voted 7 to 6 to have the ​Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department reexamine​ this policy. ​We need Vermonters to say the time has come for the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife to adhere to its own mission statement and support this ban in its recommendation to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board which will make the final decision.

Please sign the petition asking the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife to support the proposal to ban the unlimited killing of crows for "sport" now!

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