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Support the Amendment to Repeal and Replace Act 60/68

Many school districts work hard to keep their budgets constrained but unfortunately these efforts are NOT reflected in our huge property tax increases.  Act 60/68 has become too confusing and cumbersome.  A few stalwart legislators attempted to get an amendment passed last year to abolish Act 60/68 to no avail.  Now they need your help.  

The Repeal & Replace amendment will propose to repeal Act 60/68 effective July 1, 2016 with its replacement to take effect for the 2016-2017 Academic Year and ensure that the new system would focus on:

1.  Creating an equitable and fair, less complex funding system that ensures substantially equal educational opportunities.

2.  Continuing to improve and expand educational opportunities for students.

3.  Reconnecting taxpayers with budgets voted upon, money spent and property tax rates.


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