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Petitioning Elected Officials of Vermont

Vermont Legislature: Stop Physician-Assisted Suicide

There are many reasons that people have cited for opposing physician-assisted suicide.

Some people are opposed on religious grounds. After all, if God has given you the blessing of life, is it appropriate to terminate it before God's appointed time?

Other people are opposed from a disability rights perspective. Many people have chosen this option in Oregon because of an imminent lack of independence. In a way, this is like saying that life is not worth living if you're not independent. What does that say about people with disabilities?

I'm sure that there are even more reasons that people have opposed this bill, but the point is that we can all unite as an opposition voice. We all agree that there are fundamental concerns with this legislation that should not be allowed to pass in Vermont.

Letter to
Elected Officials of Vermont
As a signer of this petition, I am signaling my opposition to the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in Vermont. Many people oppose this bill for religious, human rights, ethical and moral reasons.

Naturally, I have my own personal reasons for opposing this bill, and they may be different than other signers of this petition. However, that is the power of this movement. We have overcome a variety of differences to express our shared opposition to this issue. Please consider the voice of the people when you vote on this issue.