Justice for our son who was stabbed working in your store

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My son was the victim of a violent robbery while working at a Verizon store. Verizon says it’s not their problem and is allowing his bills to pile up. I need your ohelp to make sure my son doesn’t lose everything.

It only took seconds for my son’s life to change. He was working at a Verizon 3rd party vendor as an assistant manager when 3 men robbed the store. They ruthlessly slashed my son’s throat, leaving him for dead. Luckily, he survived. We were thankful to have our son and thought the worst was over. Unfortunately, his nightmare was just beginning.

My son was laying in the trauma center of the hospital when the store owner informed us he did not have the proper workers’ compensation insurance. He had been operating the business in violation of Verizon’s policy and Illinois law. Our son had no way of knowing he wasn’t protected if something happened at work. When we contacted Verizon to fix the situation, they refused to help my son since his employer is a 3rd party vendor.

Verizon should take responsibility when their vendors fail to protect their employees and consumers. Tell Verizon to pay the workers’ compensation my son needs to survive.

The attack has already cost my son over $60,000 dollars in medical bills. The doctor’s say it is too soon for him to go back to work. He still needs time to heal from both the physical and mental injuries of this horrific event. Everyday he’s out of work, he finds himself more and more behind on his car payment and other bills.

Unless Verizon steps up, the robbery will cost my son everything. Nobody should lose everything just because they went to work.

Our family just wants the workers’ compensation our son should have gotten in the first place. We don’t want to be forced into litigation that could take years and just add to the debt facing our son. Verizon just has to do what is right. They allow these vendors to conduct business under their name, taking in the profits when things are going well so they have a responsibility to those workers when something goes wrong.

Join my family in finding  justice for my son. With your voice we can help him heal without the fear he could lose everything. Sign our petition asking Verizon to provide workers’ compensation to our son.