Stop Comedians from Right to Bully

Stop Comedians from Right to Bully

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Leanne Denise Hendley started this petition to Attorney General Kamala Harris and

This past 2022 Academy Award Tv Broadcast was watched world wide.

The producers somehow mistook it for a Chris Rock Comedy show. 

Because Comedians fear being told they cant degrade a persons looks on world wide prime time television, this is now an issue for everybodies very important attention.

For instance, Can comedians bully on a news interview or live conversation without being held accountable? Or do we all just become the brunt of a Joke without noticing whats happening. 

Teenagers now call body shaming, a joke. Patients on chemo are made to hide in shame or be made fun of. Its wrong or should people do as the rude Bill Mauer so chauvinisticly suggested, that Jada should of just worn a wig because comedians have a right to say whatever comes to mind. 

Actually, it wasnt Comedy and it was not a joke. Comedians beling on thier own pkatforms not at a very classy awards show. The incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith was started by allowing such a sensitive personal attack by Rock to be allowed. 

The only way to stop humiliating now is to try and fight back for your own self or loved ones right to a peaceful evening out without being bullied world wide on abc7 television. The academy is not condemning the nasty joke from Rock at all. Without Chris Rock there it would have been the night we all were watching and Will and Jada deserved. 

Everyone's making it about a slap, Chris was not hurt, he even finished his time on stage. Will has apologized more than enough, sincerely for the reaction he just could not help that moment in time. The Action came from the Production team and Rock himself.

Have you heard them apologize to Jada or the millions of woman that are now again the brunt of so called jokes. Body shaming, humiliation, and every one bashing Will Smith. Really, its just twisted so much that it has to stop!!

Imagine if we allow all verbal attacks to be acceptable. Thats what comedians are wanting in this, they do not care who it hurts. They want the right to hurt whoever they want. So if this is suppose to be okay in your own lives and kids lives and Disabled or ill loved ones lives, you cant call it verbal attack or even abuse if the other petson ends with it was just a joke.

Please lets make this twisted AcademyAward 2022 the last

One allowed to hurt anyone 

They were the Cause

Of the Effect that now is bashing a nominee at that moment of his and his beautiful wife, were out for the time of thier lives. A black tie formal event.

Rock threw a boulder on Jadas shoulder, and all comedians are now stoning Will Smith so they arent held at all, anytime or place,  Acountable for harm done to a person.

We cant continue on allowing This to just be okay in a civilized society. Using the title Comedian so they bully hiding behing a so called Joke;  to be cruel to another person physical looks wherever they roam, and wherever they decide to hit! This is degradation and unacceptable to our intelligence in this society. 

Please join me in this sending this signed petition on and so to create awareness for Cause vs Effect in the Oscars of 2022 televised and wrong.

Thank You






66 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!