VUSD Stop Using Edgenuity!

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Due to Covid-19 and VUSD School closures, all Ventura Unified High Schools (and Middle Schools) have decided to use the program Edgenuity for their online learning system. I am very glad that our school district cares about our education and wanted to help us continue to learn during this time however the students do not feel that Edgenuity is capable to teach us. Edgenuity has many technical issues and especially as all of the High Schools and Middle Schools are using the program, it can't keep up. The website has crashed multiple times and many of my fellow students and I have not even been able to get on to our activities. Edgenuity has videos that are designed to help and teach us however you can not skip them which is extremely frustrating when we have learned these concepts from the beginning of the year. The teachers and district seem to not understand the program at all, we have been told there is a way we can test ourselves so we can skip the review content, however there is no option for that. The assignments I have are absolutely confusing and I have asked teachers for help but I don't get an answer to what I was asking for. Overall, Edgenuity has a lot of technological problems, is extremely frustrating and hard to progress through, and even has terrible reviews online! They are ranked one out of 5 stars! VUSD please consider switching to another online learning program, your students are not learning.