Lift the ban on NDTV, find a democratic solution. Banning is not the solution

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Banning is the main weapon of an Authoritarian Government.
We want the government to find a democratic solution, debate it in the public, file a case, but not ban it.

The committee felt that “such crucial information” could have been misused by the terrorist handlers. Moreover, they felt that it had the potential to “cause massive harm not only to the national security, but also to the lives of civilians and defence personnel.”

It is alleged that the reporter on the ground, while replying to questions posed by the anchor, gave out “strategically-sensitive information” like information on the ammunition stockpiled in the airbase, fighter-planes, rocket-launchers, helicopters, fuel-tanks, and other information like details of schools and residential areas located at the airbase which could have been used by the terrorists or their handlers to harm defence personnel and civilians.

The inter-ministerial committee gave the order under the Cable TV Network Rules 1994, which prevents live coverage of anti-terrorist operations by security forces. According to the rules, the media coverage has to be limited to the briefing given by the designated officials until the anti-terrorist operations are over.

In response of the black-out, the NDTV issued a statement – “The order of the MIB has been received. It is shocking that NDTV has been singled out in this manner. Every channel and newspaper had similar coverage. In fact NDTV’s coverage was particularly balanced. After the dark days of the emergency when the press was fettered, it is extraordinary that NDTV is being proceeded against in this manner. NDTV is examining all options in this matter.”

Banning sends a very wrong message.
We are a Democratic country where Media is the 4th Pillar. If it has done wrong, it must be punished, but banning is not the solution.

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