Support the Rejuvenation of Centennial Park

Support the Rejuvenation of Centennial Park

March 23, 2015
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Venice Neighborhood Council & LA Dept of Rec & Parks
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Started by Robin Murez

We are applying to the Venice Neighborhood Council on April 1, to receive a Community Improvement Project award to rejuvenate the landscaping of Centennial Park and surrounding the Venice Library. 

If you’d like to see Centennial Park sparkle and bloom, please sign this petition.  TO AWARD THE CIP, THE VNC NEEDS TO KNOW THAT LOTS OF VENETIANS SUPPORT THIS PROJECT.  

THE BACK STORY: Centennial Park was designed to be a green neighborhood gathering space and sculpture park. Plantings and benches were installed and it looked pretty nice, however... Sculptures were never installed AND the benches were removed to stop it from being overrun by people sleeping, dealing drugs, and scaring away the community.

IRONICALLY: Because there were no activities, no artwork, and not even a bench to sit and read a book, the park has gone un-used and landscaping has declined.



a. Planting: With the VNC award, we'll refresh the plants as designed in the original, permitted, Venice Boulevard Landscape Design. 

b. In-Ground Labyrinth Design: the one we built at 6th & San Juan will be moved, when the new owners of that lot begin construction. They have offered to assist in its removal and transport. With neighborhood volunteers we will install the Labyrinth at Centennial Park.

 c. Dance Steps - We painted 5 dances in Centennial Park a few years ago. With permits, we’ll do them in beautiful stainless steel. A plaque will describe Venice's lively history of performance, dance & music, and we'll again be dancing in the park!


a. Mosaic Spheres - Sculptural Seating: With community participation we'll create 5 mosaic balls, each with images relating to Venice. They're great for sitting & climbing; and not for sleeping or hiding. They've been approved by the Departments of Cultural Affairs & Street Services. 

 b. Readers Nooks - Library patrons will love to read a good book or enjoy book club discussions in specially designed Park reading areas.


 a. By popular demand, "Abbot Kinney Reflected" the magical, anamorphic sculptural portrait painted on the sidewalk at Electric & San Juan, will be created in marble mosaic with a stainless steel column.

b. Red Line Street Car - Plans are underway to restore and install a vintage Red Line Street Car in Centennial Park to house a Venice Heritage Museum.

This is the starting point for bringing the park to life: for neighbors and library goers to enjoy; for events like concerts, puppet shows, and art exhibits to be staged, for Venice Boulevard to be "Los Angeles' ceremonial gateway to the beach."  It's our public park.  Let's make it beautiful... and enjoy it!

Questions? Comments? Please email 

Please SIGN if you (1) are a Venetian AND (2) want the VNC to fund the re-planting which starts the revitalization of Centennial Park.

Robin Murez, Alley Mills Bean, and Diana Pollard

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This petition had 161 supporters

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