Enough Courses for students to complete at least 22 credit in each semester

Enough Courses for students to complete at least 22 credit in each semester

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Started by 4k Ravi

In Vellore Institute of Technology, there is a system called "Fully Flexible Credit System" (FFCS) under which students get the option to choose their Faculty and subjects according to their convenience. VIT calls this as a special feature for students studying. But this system lacks in many ways(discussed further).

Dark Side of FFCS:

  • Slots of FFCS of the most demanding core subjects are less and all students don't get the subject even though it is compulsory for that particular branch. Due to which student need to take different subject not related to their branch. Imagine a CS student taking Engineering Drawing (Mechanical) subject.
  • Senior Students are given more priority to select subjects due to which juniors are left with less choice and get their slots clashing with other subjects
  • There are subject whose slots are not diverse for example: Subject1 is available in A&B Subject2 is in A&B Subject3 is in A&B if a student wishes to take these 3 subjects because he did not get Subject3 in previous semester then the backlog of subjects start.

Steps to be taken by institute to avoid this:

  • Increase slots of subjects which student wants to complete his minimum credit around 22
  • Increase website performance because during FFCS almost 30K students open the website and it lags and takes time to load. There arrive many errors like multiple tab error, logged in from other computer error, and many more.

Students will be more than happy even if University will give a definite/fixed timetable rather than going through this mental stress of getting less credits.

603 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!