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Let's Go Vegetarian One Day a Week!

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By pledging to eat vegetarian one day a week, we can do so much good!  Also, please urge the Japanese government to take the initiative for communities and schools!
Why do we pledge?
1. According to a UN report, GHG emissions from the meat industry are estimated to be 18% of the total emissions, which is much higher than the volume from all the transportations combined. (*1)
2. Rainforest destruction (70% of the entire Amazon and 80% of the Costa Rica rainforest has been destroyed for livestock production and other related industries). (*2)
3. “Ocean Dead Zones” (ocean regions where great volumes of pollutants have run off from factory farms, causing marine life to die out from oxygen-depletion and eutrophication.  In 2008, 405 dead zones were found in oceans across the planet, including an immense zone in the Gulf of Mexico). (*3)
3. Air and soil pollution.  Depletion of water sources.
4. In Japan, factory farmed animals are not protected with even basic care, from what they eat to how they are treated.  The animals are abused and kept in horrendous conditions, unable to move backwards, forwards or side to side; finally they are slaughtered after being treated cruelly for their whole lives. (*4)
5. An immense amount of antibiotic is used for factory farmed animals due to raising them in abominable conditions.  In the United States, 70% of the antibiotics used in the country each year is used for livestock production (*5) which insidiously permeates in the environment.
6. Grains, that people on the verge of starvation could eat, are fed to livestock.  The amount of grains that are needed to produce 1kg of beef is 11kg, 7kg for pork, 4kg for chicken and 3kg for eggs. (*6)
1. If everyone who lives in the United States refrains from eating meat one day a week throughout the year, the positive impact to the environment is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions reduction that is equal to taking 19,200,000 cars off the road. (*7)  For the Japanese population, that is same as taking 8,000,000 cars off the road.
2. When you refrain from eating meat, the health benefits are numerous including diminishing the risk of cancer and heart disease.
3. A brief but needed break against environmental destruction.  The number of farmed animals who are slaughtered in a year in Japan is over 837,000,000 and we give our hearts to each one of them. (*8) 
Let's pledge to go vegetarian one day a week and enjoy a compassionate lifestyle for the environment, animals and our health!  We urge the Japanese government to inform the public about the effect of these environmental issues and what each of us can do to make a difference, as well as to take initiatives for school lunches, educational institutes and communities.  We also urge the government to develop the cultured meat (*9) that will be a solution for the tense situation.

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