Vegans for BDS

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How do you define veganism? A movement for compassion? Against violence? Against all forms of exploitation? For most vegans, the core belief is that everyone has a right to life.

We need to make it clear that Israel’s sudden appropriation of veganism should not be another calculated step for it to earn support from the international community. Just as the LGBTQ community rejected Israeli pinkwashing, we too will reject veganwashing.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) is the strongest possibility for an end to the occupation. We are using this Change petition to ask vegans to commit to one element of the BDS campaign: refusing to buy products from illegal Israeli settlements.

Ironically, the world’s most oppressive settler-colonizer regime has come to be the face of veganism:

As vegans, we encourage people to make the connection between oppression and the food we eat. We encourage people to choose compassion. But how can we expect people to listen to our movement, when we ignore theirs?

I’ve been to Palestine, and seen with my own eyes how Israeli settlements oppress and instil fear into Palestinian friends. Violently evicting people from their homes and forcing them to become refugees is NOT vegan by my standards. Is it by yours?

We need to say to the world, now, that OCCUPATION ISN'T VEGAN.

Let’s tell the world the occupation is not happening in our name. Let’s refuse to buy any products from illegal settlements and take a stance against occupation. Vegans for peace; vegans for the boycott.