The Recall of Debo Adebayo

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In a move that is considered to be gauging students' liberty to freely express themselves, the management of Redeemer's University in its wisdom decided on the 6th of October, 2017 to expel Mr Adedayo Adebowale Babtunde who was due to graduate during the most recent convocation.

The school gave the reason for his expulsion as "he recently posted certain messages on some social media which are offensive and portrays the Redeemer's University and some of its officials in bad light"

Assuming that the claims of the University are correct in its entirety, it still remains a sharp contrast to the teachings and celebrated philosophy that encourages Redeemer's University alumnus to be thoroughbred individuals with the capacity to accept criticisms in good faith and seek the most amicable route to resolution at all times.

In a country that has suffered its unfair share of information suppression and press harassment, it is surprising that an institution of higher learning is working assiduously against this common good.

We submit that an expulsion cannot and should certainly not be the corresponding punishment to the case the university has against Mr Debo. To the extent that the university is guided by laid down principles, it is at liberty to discipline erring students appropriately. However, in this instance, it would be tantamount to killing a fly with a sledge hammer. We also haven't been able to establish that the school regulation allows for this level of punishment for the said offense. In exercising its discretion to discipline, the facts of the matter must be carefully considered. Was there a direct relationship established between the said social media post and the university (including its officials?) Could it be argued that the post had no relationship with the university?

There is sufficient reason from within the university student community to believe that this move is a direct vendetta against Mr Debo whose actions has a student leader have in most instances left a sour taste in the mouth of the management.

This stifling action also raises many more unsuspecting questions, why now? To what extent was he giving a fair trial? Was this really about the image of Redeemer's University or the personal egos of 'some of its officials' that were bruised.

Our case against the management of the university certainly has its roots beyond this case with elaborate details available within the public domain but this is one taken too far.

We believe in justice and call on everyone to join this cause.

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