Stop The Lights Festival™ for the sake of the environment and sustainability.

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So there's a new festival coming to town called The Lights Festival that purports to be "Dedicated to Sustainability and the Environment" - their own words.  They are planning to put on these festivals at venues all over the UK (I assume with council permission) where thousands of paper lanterns will be let off into the skies.

Many of us are all too well are aware of the agony and destruction these lanterns can cause to wildlife and properties, even though the events team assure everyone that these lanterns are made with no wire, though the pictures they use on the website goes against this claim. They also claim that these lanterns have been made with a burn time of only 1 minute (have you ever seen how far a balloon goes when you let it off after 60 seconds!).

Many of these venues do not have large expansive areas to let these lanterns off that will not come down in local residents gardens / properties etc., - yet they say they will have a clean up crew personally doing around and finding everyone of these after the event (do they plan to trespass on people's property to collect them then?).

I personally do not see how any of this act is in any way dedicated to the environment, or for that fact sustainability, as these are all disposable 'one time only' use lanterns that will have to be cleared up after the event... the irony of this slays me!  It would be no different to having a similar event where everyone gets together on a beach and sets of plastic bottles with messages inside!!

In addition these Wishing Lights are from a company in China called XuYuan - and they all come in plastic bags!  How's that for the environment and a hefty carbon footprint. 

Please sign this petition and stop this madness!  I plan to highlight this petition to all the councils of the venues where they are hoping to hold these event in the effort that they don't get permission on the the grounds of environmental and sustainability.