Vaquitas May Go Extinct in Just Months - Sign to Save Them!


Vaquitas May Go Extinct in Just Months - Sign to Save Them!

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One of the world's rarest and most cherished animals, the vaquita porpoise, is on the brink of extinction. With just 30 -- or possibly even fewer -- of these marine mammals left in the entire world, they could be gone forever within months, according to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF).

Vaquitas are the smallest cetaceans (a type of marine mammal that includes whales, dolphins and porpoises) on Earth, and exist only in the Gulf of California in Mexico. To lose this special species would be heartbreaking.

Why is the vaquita in so much danger? Fishing nets.

The tiny cetaceans are dying in rapid numbers because they get caught in gillnets at fisheries. And since they only reproduce every other year, the vaquita population cannot afford to lose a single more member.

Fortunately, the solution to save the beloved vaquita is clear: Ban the gillnet. Indeed, this may be the only hope this species has left.

Please save the vaquita from extinction. Sign this petition to urge the Mexican ambassador to the United States to outlaw the gillnet immediately -- before we lose the vaquita forever.

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