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Petitioning Dean of Students, Vanderbilt Mark Bandas and 2 others

Vanderbilt University: Increase adequate and thorough education, prevention, and awareness regarding sexual assault and sexual violence on our campus.

Students and sexual assault survivors deserve to attend school on a campus where the safety of the students is a top priority.  Similarly, sexual violence continues to be an ongoing epidemic on college campuses across the world with 1 in 4 women being affected by the time they graduate. 

Below is a condensed version of the list of demands we are asking the university to join with us in changing on our campus: 

  1. Creation of advocates for victim and the accused
  2. Academic leniency for survivors
  3. Housing change option for survivors
  4. Reporting all statistics: release statistics of reported sexual assaults that do not necessarily go through formal reporting
  5. Reorganization of Provost Committee on Sexual Assault: explain its methods and goals to students
  6. Establish a “sexual assault prevention and response office” or assign this title to a person with a designated office space  
  7. Institutionalize adequate and thorough awareness, education, support programs
  8. Adequately train all staff, faculty, and administrators


Here is a link to the complete List of Demands Document if you would like to read more before signing. 



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  • Dean of Students, Vanderbilt
    Mark Bandas
  • Chancellor of Vanderbilt University
    Nicholas Zeppos
  • Provost
    Richard McCarty

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