Modified Vehicle Acceptance

Modified Vehicle Acceptance

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Why this petition matters

Started by Clifford Joe

For several years now many car community enthusiast have been wrongfully targeted for having modified vehicles by legal authority as being deemed unsafe or illegal.

As a victim of this unjust myself I know how it feels to be targeted.  It is time to stand up and fight for an opportunity to be heard as a community not only locally but globally. 

We all have a right to express ourselves like in music, art, and many other forms of expression.   Because we do different things to our vehicles that don’t fit the social norm we are targeted. 

If everything that we add to our vehicles were illegal then why allow this product into North America. Why have major global shows like SEMA which promotes aftermarket products be allowed to be hosted for the many thousands of retailers around the world who sell modified products. 

It is time to finally put an end to this and with hopes that this petition can open the eyes to those who need to hear why needs to be heard.  It is time to stop this madness and look at ways to work together to legalize modification and modified vehicles. 

9,318 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!