Revoke road tolls into Vancouver Downtown and Central Broadway

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Many factors have not been considered into adding mobility pricing into Vancouver's metro core.

  1. Impact on residence (home owners and renters)
    Additional expenses on top of high rent/housing price and high taxes
  2. Impact on businesses within the metro core
    Reduced traffic will impact businesses, resulting job losses, vacant retail space, etc, which will cost the city a lot more than the tax dollars it can collect
  3. People traveling in and out of the region for work
    The suggested region includes too many residential area. It is discriminatory to impose additional charge for living in a high-traveled area.
  4. People traveling through that region to go to the north shore
    This will drive even more traffic to second narrows. The city or cities involved should come up with new solutions (new bridge, more public transit options, etc) to reduce congestions, not to push congestions into a different region.
  5. Future home owners and renters considering to purchase in that region