Alysha Stewart uttered racial death threats on social media. Take immediate action now.

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Racial Threats Alysha Stewart

On a recent social media post Alysha Stewart of Nanaimo BC uttered racial threats toward black people. As a former Vancouver Island Health employee her words were not only a threat to BIPOC but also threatens the integrity of the health care system and the BC provincial government ministries she represents. This petition calls for the following actions to be taken:

1. An investigation into this incident and these social media posts by the RCMP. 

2. Mandatory workplace diversity and inclusion training under supervision before returning back to work. 

3. A revoking of her healthcare licence.

A hate crime file has been opened with the Nanaimo RCMP. If you have more information you can pass along to the RCMP about this case please call (250) 754-2345 or email and explain that it is regarding file number NA20-20934. 

Actions like this remind us that Canada is not immune to racism. We are in a crucial time where racial reform is taking place. All federal and provincial government ministries need to increase their efforts to ensure safe workplaces and crack down on racism for the health and safety of all Canadians.