Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags in Vancouver

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Plastic is integral to modern society. The world produces over 300 million tons of plastic each year, and much of this plastic ends up in the oceans where it wreaks havoc on marine life by trapping, suffocating, starving, poisoning and/or killing it. Additionally, much of the city's landfill is comprised of plastic which takes up valuable space and resources. 

Countries and cities such as Montreal, Victoria, France, and many others have begun banning single-use plastic bags. This petition is to demonstrate that the citizens Vancouver want to continue to move towards a more plastic free city. After pledging to ban plastic straws and foam cups and to-go containers Vancouver has been following a positive trend regarding reduced plastic use but has not yet gone far enough. According to a 2018 statement from City Hall, Vancouverites are throwing out 2 million plastic bags every week! That's over 100 million plastic bags per year! Vancouver needs to follow the trend of these other Canadian cities and ban single-use plastic bags.

There are viable alternatives to plastic bags that can be used to minimize environmental impact. Companies such as Avani Eco and Bio Bag have created plant-based certifiably compostable bags which resemble plastic. Paper and reusable bags are also great alternatives to plastic ones and are cheaper to the consumer in the long run. 

Sign this petition to demonstrate to City Hall that we want to ban single-use plastic bags in Vancouver.