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Vance County Board of Commissioners located in Henderson, NC: Allow pitbulls to be adopted/rescued by NC residents or rescue groups

This is important because not all dogs can be transported in time to an out of state rescue group or individual before they are gassed to death in this high kill shelter. This obviously creates extra expenses for travel fees as well which makes it harder for out of state residents to save these dogs either due to time or funding. There are plenty of people in North Carolina that want to save these pitbulls but are not allowed to. The dogs suffer because of this regulation. To the best of my knowledge this is the only shelter in North Carolina that will not let pitbulls be rescued/adopted by in-state residents or rescue groups. It is unfair for these dogs to die because of the outrageously predjudice rule when plenty of people in North Carolina who would be more than willing to save their lives and love them the way they should be loved. I don't think any dog that has a chance at a better life, rather than being put to death in a gas chamber, should be denied that chance just because they are of a certain breed. The shelter's prejudice against this breed makes saving the dog almost impossible.

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    Tommy Hester
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    Gordon Wilder
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    Terry Garrison
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    Dan Brummitt
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    Deborah F. Brown

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